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If you're missing one or more of your teeth due to decay, periodontal disease, or trauma, Mel Mel Dental is here to help. We are pleased to offer a range of tooth replacement solutions, including dentures and partials, using cutting-edge technology and time-tested techniques. Your new replacement teeth will restore your complete smile and enhance your quality of life.

What Are Full Dentures?

When it comes to replacing an entire set of teeth, full or complete dentures are the go-to solution. At Mel Mel Dental, we offer immediate and conventional dentures.

  • Immediate Dentures: These temporary restorations are prepared in advance and placed immediately after removing any remaining teeth. However, your mouth will change in shape during the healing period, so your new dentures will need relining and adjustments to continue to fit. Immediate dentures are best considered interim tooth replacements until your mouth heals.
  • Conventional Dentures: For a permanent, better-fitting solution, conventional dentures are the way to go. We take digital impressions of your mouth after your gums have fully healed, which typically takes 6-12 weeks. That allows us to custom-craft your dentures, taking into account the subtle details of your smile.

What Are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are ideal for replacing missing teeth when some healthy, natural teeth remain.

  • Traditional Partials: Traditional partial dentures consist of artificial teeth secured to metal frameworks. They attach to natural, healthy teeth using metal clasps or precision attachments. One of the most significant advantages of partial dentures is that if you lose any additional teeth, we can easily add their replacements to your existing restoration.
  • Flexible Partials: Flexible partials are made from a soft, flexible material. Unlike traditional partials that rely on natural teeth for support, flexible partial dentures use special attachments that hold onto the gum tissues. Flexible dentures are comfortable but are not as stable as traditional partials. In addition, they cannot accommodate additional teeth and cannot be repaired if they sustain damage.

What Are Implant-Supported Dentures?

Imagine having dentures that never slip or shift. That's where implant-supported dentures or overdentures come into play. These superior restorations are attached to a number of dental implants strategically placed in the jawbone. Your new implant-supported denture will stay firmly in place, providing stability and function second only to healthy, natural teeth. 

How to Take Care of Your New Smile?

Dentures may initially feel awkward, but you will get used to them before you know it. Here is a quick care guide:

  • Cleaning: Rinse your dentures with lukewarm water after every meal. At least once a day, use a soft brush and a gentle denture cleaner for a thorough cleanse. Avoid abrasive materials that might scratch and damage your restoration.
  • Storage: Before sleeping, take out your dentures to give your mouth a break and place them in their designated container. Always submerge them in water or denture solution to prevent them from drying out and losing shape.
  • Repair: If you develop sore spots or your dentures don't fit the way they did, contact Mel Mel Dental to schedule a consultation. We will make any adjustments needed to ensure the best possible function. Avoid making any repairs yourself to prevent damage to your dentures.
  • Regular Checkups: It's important to visit Mel Mel Dental for regular checkups. We will examine the inside of your mouth to make sure it's healthy and clean and maintain your dentures so they continue to enhance your smile.

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If you would like to learn more about replacing missing teeth with a denture or partial, contact Mel Mel Dental to schedule a consultation. Dr. Suditu will explain your options and help you determine the ideal tooth replacement solution for your smile.

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